The basic goal of the WOOLF project is to develop wooden structural and window systems that will enable the construction of multi‑story modular wooden buildings and to integrate newly‑developed sensor technology into them. In combination with the newly‑developed ICT smart system it will be possible to monitor the quality of wood and wooden objects in real time and to predict their service life-time.

  • The product development within the project is aimed at solving the key problems of wooden construction via preventive and transparent measures. The specific goals of the WOOLF project are:
  • To develop a hybrid modular evaluation platform that will provide close‑to‑real conditions for testing materials and products within the project.
  • To develop ALLWOOD WALL construction assemblies; individual modular units based on alternative lignocellulose materials that will enable multi‑storey wooden construction.
  • To develop a wooden window system ICON that will be able to monitor the quality of the wooden system and predict its own service life-time.
  • To develop sensor units WOrMS for measuring the moisture and stresses within the wood and environmental parameters that will independently transmit data to a computer cloud as a complete IoT device.
  • To develop a smart ICT bIOMASS system that will enable efficient collection, processing, visualisation and storage of data upon which it will be possible to make conclusions on the measured and dependent parameters and their future behaviour. To develop an optimal wood mineralisation process
  • To select the materials and develop the products while considering the environmental footprint and the socio‑economic impact.
  • To propose a set of alternative tree species for use in wooden construction.

In the 3 years long programme 8 consortium partners are collaborating that are coordinated by M SORA. Operation is following the Slovenian smart specialisation strategy (S4) focusing especially on smart buildings and home including wood chain. The total budget of programme is 2.945.250,00 EUR that will be co-funded by Slovenian Ministry for education, science and sport and EU – European regional development fund.

Project WOOLF PERT chart